Download Microsoft scanpst.exe : Best Methods To Fix Corrupted PST Files

Unable to find scanpst.exe? Do you wish to download Microsoft scanpst.exe to fix pst file corruption. If your answer is yes, then kindly go through the below mentioned post to find an easy solution.

Download Microsoft scanpst.exe : Brief Introduction About Microsoft scanpst.exe

In this modern age technology can be very amazing, efficient and time saver. Although technology is powerful but not free from interruption and errors. No other program or software is perfect and error free. As we all are very firmly know about Microsoft Outlook. Outlook is an email client that is broadly used to send or receive emails from all around the world. It is used for personal and professional email service. Microsoft Outlook store their data in .pst file format into PST folder. Outlook offers various services though its useful components such as calendar entries, tasks, notes, contacts, etc to manage your various activities like appointments, meeting schedules, reminders and others as well. It saves all of them contents in PST. Outlook comes with an inbuilt repair tool known as download Microsoft scanpst.exe. It is also known as Inbox Repair Tool. It is a free utility to fix minor or internal issues of Outlook. But sometimes major issues happened on Outlook like corruption or deletion of PST files. Download Microsoft scanpst.exe fails to solve this issue on computer. So in this case you need to follow a professional PST Repair Software that can easily follow to fix corruption issue of Outlook PST.

Download Microsoft scanpst.exe

Download Microsoft scanpst.exe : Where Is The Location of Microsoft scanpst.exe?

The location of PST file may vary from various updated versions of Outlook. The default location of PST file on 32-bit Windows or with 64-bit Windows Outlook programs are

On 64-bit Windows Outlook program scanpst.exe is at

“C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\OfficeXX\scanpst.exe”

On 32-bit Windows Outlook program scanpst.exe is at

“C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Office\OfficeXX\scanpst.exe”

You can also use Windows Search box to find scanpst.exe or search to it using Windows explorer. In case if Download Microsoft scanpst.exe is unable or fails to fix your corrupted PST files then it is clear indication that your files is very badly corrupted so you need to use professional Outlook PST Repair Software to quickly fix corrupted PST files.

Outlook data locations

Download Microsoft scanpst.exe : Most Appropriate causes Behind Corrupted/Deleted PST Files

When your saved Outlook .pst files got corrupted or start displaying any error messages related with .pst files due to any of the reason then you need to download and run scanpst.exe tool on system. It can happen due to various reasons. Some of the most liable reasons behind are listed below

  • Interruption during read or write operation.
  • Oversized PST.
  • System crash.
  • Accidental formatting of PST files.
  • Sudden shutdown or power failure of Windows system or Outlook.
  • Corruption in hard disk or program.
  • Virus or malware attacks.

You may find error messages displayed while trying to access your corrupted .pst files are

  • scanpst.exe is not working
  • scanpst.exe fatal error : 0x80040900
  • Outlook error 0x800CCC0F
  • scanpst.exe not responding
  • Cannot start Microsoft Outlook
  • Outlook Error 0X800CCC00

Download Microsoft scanpst.exe : Do You Know About The Outlook Error 0X800CCC00?

Outlook Error 0X800CCC00 is an Outlook error message that does not allow to send or receive emails in Microsoft Outlook. It is basically related to the loading of authentication problem. Errors related to Outlook PST is very common ad well described about each error cause below. This Outlook Error 0X800CCC00 making problems in loading of its components. It also creating problems like distributing password authentication components.

Error symptoms 0x800CCC00

  • “Error 0x800CCC00” appears and locks the active application window.
  • It crash down active program window.
  • Windows runs slowly and responds slowly to the mouse or keyboard.
  • Your PC often collides with error 0x800CCC00 when running the same program.
  • Your system periodically “freezes” for a few seconds at a time.

This 0x800CCC00 Outlook error message may appear during the installation of the program while a software program related to Microsoft Corporation (such as Windows Live Mail) runs during Windows boot or interrupt or even during system installation of operating system. To keep track of when and where your 0x800CCC00 error occurs are important troubleshooting information.

Possible Causes of error 0x800CCC00

  • Download damaged or incomplete installation of Windows Live Mail software.
  • Corruption in the Windows registry from a recent change of software related to Windows Live Mail (install or uninstall).
  • Virus or malware infection that destroyed Windows system files or program files related to Windows Live Mail.
  • Another program has corrupt or erroneously deleted files related to Windows Live Mail.
  • Runtime errors like “Error 0x800CCC00” may be due to a number of factors, so it’s important that you resolve all possible reasons to prevent it from being repeated.

So as you read above all about the Outlook error or corruption causes so in this situation if you are wanting to fix this problem then you should use Download Microsoft scanpst.exe on affected system. But if it fails to fix Outlook issues then you have to follow a reputed professional Outlook PST Repair Software on affected machine to quickly fix the issue. There is many of PST Recovery Software available. Here we are going to discuss about some of the most ranked paid and fully free tools.

Download Microsoft scanpst.exe : Most Searched Paid And Free Outlook PST Repair Software

Software Rank

Software Name


Dwonload Link

Rank #1.

Stellar Phoenix Outlook PST Repair

Rank #2.

Kernal for Outlook PST Repair

Rank #3.

DiskInternals Outlook Recovery

Top Ranked Paid Outlook PST Repair Software To Fix Corrupted PST Files

Rank #1. Stellar Phoenix Outlook PST Repair : Download Microsoft scanpst.exe

Stellar Phoenix Outlook PST Repair SoftwreStellar Phoenix Outlook PST Repair is one of the most search online PST repair software that is used to fix corrupted/deleted PST files. It also facilitates compaction and splitting of the PST files. In addition to fixing other issues. Stellar Phoenix Outlook PST Repair is one of the ideal options for you. This powerful tool helps you recover emails, tasks, calendars, appointments, notes, and contacts from corrupted .pst files by copying all the information from these files to PST, EML, TXT, and VCF files. It’s a program that not only allows you to repair your damaged .pst files, but also makes it easier to split and compress PST files along with the correction of other issues associated with them. After restoring .pst, the saved data or files are stored in a new usable PST that can be imported directly to Microsoft Outlook. It works far better than download Microsoft scanpst.exe. It supports various windows versions to easily fix all your corrupted. The best part of this PST repair software is that it is a worth of money. You can download its free version for trial to scan and find the damaged PST files.

Significant specifications for Stellar Phoenix Outlook PST Repair

  • Powerful scanning engine.
  • The tool allows users to save their repaired files in Office 365 format.
  • This makes it easy for you to split the PST files into their file size, date and email ID.
  • The repair tool follows a hassle free and uncomplicated email recovery of corrupted .pst files.
  • Stellar Phoenix Outlook PST Repair allows you to save and load scan information as DAT files after repair work.
  • The tool supports Microsoft Outlook 2016, 2013, 2007, 2003, 2002, and 2000.
  • It is fully updated with new graphical user interface with look and feel similar to MS-Office 2007/2010/2013 GUI.
  • Repair encrypted PST files also can repair PST file larger than 2GB.
  • It save repaired files in Office 365 file format.

System Requirements : Stellar Phoenix Outlook PST Repair


Pentium Class

Operating System

Windows 10/8/8.1/7/Vista/XP


1 GB Minimum

Hard Disk

100 MB Free Space

Download Microsoft scanpst.exe : User Guide To Use Stellar Phoenix Outlook PST Repair

Step 1. This is the initial screen or user interface of the software. The “Choose PST File for Repair” dialog box appears and provides two options for “Finding” and “Finding” the corrupted PST files you want to repair.

Step 2. If you know the stored location of PST files, press the “Browse” button. Select PST files and press “Repair” to start the repair process.

Step 3. If you are unknown to the site, enter the “Find” button. Select the drive to search for .pst files. Then tap “Find” to search for .pst files. You can also use the “Look In” button to specifically select a folder from your storage.

Step 4. You can see the verification process on the line.

Step 5. When the mailboxes retrieved from scanned PST files will be listed in the left pane. You can select all or some specific mailbox items that you want to restore.

Step 6. Press the “Save Scan” button to save the scanned information about the corrupted PST files, you do not need to check a corrupted PST file now.

Step 7. Use “Load Scan” to load saved scan information (DAT files).

Step 8. Click the “Save Archive” button in the Movie menu to save the downloaded mailboxes in different formats. Then select the targets where you want to save the recovered .pst files.

Step 9. PST files are successfully retrieved at the desired location.

Rank #2. Kernal for Outlook PST Repair : Download Microsoft scanpst.exe

Kernal for Outlook PST RepairKernal for Outlook PST Repair is an impressive Outlook repair software that is more effective than download Microsoft scanpst.exe. It used to fix corrupted Outlook PST files. It provides an effortless and quick solutions when your Outlook PST file got corrupted, accidentally deleted, or damaged. This repair tool takes just few minutes to recover or fix all the required data like Calender, Contacts, Scheduled tasks, Journal appointments, etc. The recovery software is specially designed with some of the innovative functionality and features that helps you in to quick recovery of lost or corruption occur in PST files from the scenario due to corrupted main structures, corrupted PST files, files attacked by viruses or the like . It repairs large corrupted PST files, recovers deleted Outlook emails, exports PST files, exports PST files to email servers, restores deleted attachments and various other problems for PST files.

Key Core Features of Kernal for Outlook PST Repair

  • Kernal for Outlook PST Repair can easily search for damaged PST files.
  • Using the software can add a prefix name to the file before saving your system.
  • It provides you oreview the recovered PST files before saving it to your system.
  • Restore all messages with attachments, tasks, notes, calendars, etc.
  • Software can easily export PST files to Office 365’s cloud-based platform.
  • You can retrieve UNICODE or non-English characters and keep the files in their original format.
  • This software can save files in different file formats and the desired locations.
  • You can split Outlook PST files by size while saving them to the system.
  • The repair software saves PST files DBX, EML, TXT, MBOX, HTML, PDF and MHTML file formats.

System Requirements : Kernal for Outlook PST Repair


Pentium Class

Operating System

Windows 10/8/8.1/7/Vista/XP


512MB Minimum

Hard Disk

20 MB Free Space

Rank #3. DiskInternals Outlook Recovery : Download Microsoft scanpst.exe

DiskInternals Outlook RecoveryDiskInternals Outlook Recovery, a PST recovery software that recovers messages and email attachments lost or deleted from Outlook PST files. It is a superb tool that is specially designed to quickly fix the corrupted PST files. It manages your Outlook attachments and messages recovery that lost or deleted from the deleted items folders and repairs corrupted PST files of various versions of Microsoft Outlook including latest version Outlook 2016. As you know no program or software is free from data loss and the Outlook is the same. So in the situation of data loss you need a repair tool that quickly recovers all your lost or inaccessible PST files then you have to use the DiskInternals Outlook Recovery on corrupted system to fix the corruption or deletion issues. It locate recover and repair damaged Outlook databases from formatted, partitioned, corrupted to reconstruct them properly.

Attractive Features Of DiskInternals Outlook Recovery

  • Effortless help to recover damaged PST data.
  • Providing preview to see the recovered files before store in your system.
  • >Gives you user friendly email utility.
  • Improved Outlook recovery engine.
  • It gives you filly automatic recovery.
  • DiskInternals Outlook Recovery export other email clients.
  • It supports various versions of Windows.

Download Microsoft scanpst.exe : Why Choose Stellar Phoenix Outlook PST Repair Among All?

Stellar Phoenix Outlook PST Repair SoftwreIf you are looking for a reliable and secure PST repair tool that can repair Outlook Outlook PST effectively, Stellar Phoenix Outlook PST Repair is the most optimal choice for you. This powerful tool helps you recover damaged PST emails, contacts, notes, appointments, tasks, and notes by copying all information from these files to new PST, EML, VCF, or TXT files. Users can use this product to restore files that have been deleted from the Outlook “deleted items” folder and to open password-protected emails. The best part of the Stellar Phoenix Outlook PST Repair is that it is really a value for money. You can download its free version to scan your deleted PST files and preview the data. If you wish to recover it on your affected system then you have to register a copy of the software by purchasing its pro license key. Here is the below given user guide by which you can follow the recovery of your deleted/corrupted PST files.

Download Microsoft scanpst.exe : Installation Steps For Stellar Phoenix Outlook PST Repair

Step 1. When dialogue box appears then click on Save file button.

Step 2. When download window appears the double tap on the file.

Step 3. A Security Warning dialogue box opened and then you have to tap on Run button